Your Baby's An Attention Seeker Now

Your Baby's An Attention Seeker Now

At this stage you will enjoy your baby’s babbling. Now, your child is an attention seeking baby. She will learn to make new sounds and different gestures. Your lovey dovey is getting more curious, alert and attentive to her surrounding sounds. Your cutie pie might get excited when she hears her parents and family. She has learned to respond to her name. Your angel begins to use small words like mamma, papa. It’s good if she has started to respond, when she hears and is able to distinguish word boundaries. She is quite an attention seeker now.

Your baby's attention seeking behaviour: What you need to know

By now, neural pathways would have developed a certain kind of sound template for the native language. You can even start helping your kiddo in language development, for e.g. by talking frequently to her with voice modulations and facial expressions. Your baby's attention span is very limited at this stage. You can introduce rhyming words, music or a simple song. Provide her building blocks for eye and hand coordination. You can also start reading stories to your little champ, which include actions and invite baby’s participation. So as of now, just help her to ease this process and give an enthusiastic response. According to your baby attention from you, as a parent is very important. Be whenever she needs you, be by her side as this can build attachment, trust and security in your child and then you can easily tune into your sweetie’s social state.

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