Your Sweetheart is Now Undergoing Multitudes of Growth

Your baby is showing healthy signs of growth. This is the stage when your little one is acquiring improved motor skills complemented with good sensory development. 

What's going on?

Your little one could also be showing early signs of teething. Yes, babies develop their first tooth anywhere between 3 months to one year old. Look out for the warning signs – these may include trying to chew or gnaw on everything, rubbing the face, or increased drooling.

Your Sweetheart is Now Undergoing Multitudes of Growth

Along with these developments, your baby could now start rolling over as well. Put your little one on a play mat or quilt on the floor with some toys, gently encourage her to pick her favourite toy and see if she is rolling over to reach it.

Rolling is good for your baby as it strengthens her neck muscles and helps her sit up, which will be followed by crawling and other motor activities. Babies with a good head control are the ones who find it easy to roll.

Also when placed her on her stomach, your baby will lift her head and shoulders high, using her arms for support.

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