Your Sweetie Pie Is Likely To Recognise Some Objects When They're Named

Your Sweetie Pie Is Likely To Recognise Some Objects When They're Named

Your superstar is ready to learn lots more at this stage! Chances are if you have constantly been mentioning some object like the television or the fan or something else, your little one has already picked it up! Next time you mention the object, look at his face. He is probably looking at that thing too. This age is a great time for you and your little one. He is not utilising all the information he has soaked in, in the last 11 odd months.
What you need to do
This is the perfect time to encourage your little one towards object recognition. Make him practise it by asking him to help you put his toys in their place. See if he is able to recognise objects. Even if he has not started just yet, he will start pretty soon enough. Sometimes babies recognise the things but are reluctant or simply not interested in showing you those things when you ask them. They might just smile back or stare at you. Do not worry about it as they all grow up differently. You can address other household objects as well. The ones your child is usually after would work well, like a TV remote, a smartphone etc.

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