Your Baby Walks By Holding Onto Furniture

From the 6th month, your baby will rapidly reach a lot of physical milestones. Once he learns to pull himself up, he would then start cruising around the house, that is your baby walks holding onto furniture. Between 8 to 10 months is when this mostly happens. You would see your baby try and walk with support.

Your baby walks holding furniture: What you need to know

Once your baby is able to sit without wobbling, he would soon learn to pull himself up to stand. Then in no time, you would see him trying to move around holding on to the furniture. He would continue to cruise around till he is confident enough to let go. Eventually, you will notice your baby walks holding your hand.

Your Baby Walks By Holding Onto Furniture

Some babies might start walking independently before their first birthday but most do after they turn one. Do remember that each baby is different. So what should you do when your little one starts cruising around? Take the baby proofing of your house to the next level. Ensure that you remove all wobbly furniture, to keep your little agile one all safe.

What you need to do

Secure dressers and racks to the wall as your baby would try and get supporting on anything he finds. Use corner guards for tables. If your baby has not started cruising yet but is able to stand up with support, encourage him. Place a toy at one end of the sofa and make him stand at the other end. Keep repeating this. He would be encouraged to get the toy and in few days you would start noticing him walk towards it. Motivate your baby to hold your hand and walk in some months, you will notice your baby walks holding one finger for support. 

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