Your Tiny Cutie Pie is Growing by Heaps and Bounds

Your Tiny Cutie Pie is Growing by Heaps and Bounds
new born
Sensory ability

Your newborn is getting into a rhythm of her own and its just been a week now. You are likely to notice a growth spurt around this time. Your baby has an increased appetite and their sucking reflexes are well established, allowing them to feed well. Sucking and chewing on her hands are the main activities. Blinking and grasping are some of the other reflexes your little one would have developed.

What you need to know

At this stage, food and sleep are the main priorities for your baby. Though there is no fixed routine, your baby will want to feed 8- 15 times a day. This could happen on demand or every two hours.As a mother, trust your instincts and do what feels right. Formula-fed babies tend to be less demanding while babies on breast milk have lesser problems with digestion.

Sleep is a priority now - When it comes to sleeping, your baby should sleep anywhere between 16 to 18 hours, with regular breaks for feeding. This is the time where you get to nap and recover from your post delivery soreness and fatigue.

Movements:You will notice sudden jerky movements and reflexes. Probably by the end of the month, her movements will become more fluid as his muscle control matures. 

Cuddle: Your baby loves to be cuddled. Pour your love and affection by skin to skin contact.

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