Things to keep in mind before deciding baby names

Things to keep in mind before deciding baby names
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Deciding on baby names is one of the best ways of preparing for the impending parenthood. This is quite a fun part of your pregnancy journey. Selecting the perfect and right name for your tiny one is a very important aspect of parenting. 

Your little one is now the length of a Swiss Chard and the name you choose for him or her is going to remain with your child for an entire lifetime. So, you should do extensive research for choosing the right name. Generally, Indian kids end up having multiple names, one official and the other known as a ''nickname.'' Parents should think through certain factors, like astrology, numerology, if they are ardent believers of the same. These things often have a direct impact on the child's future. 

How to choose a baby name? 

There is no right or wrong way to select a name for your kiddo. There are many things that you need to keep in mind before deciding on his or her name. So, do it with grace, and you will give your child a name to be proud of. Below are some factors that can help you decide on a perfect name for the little one:


Think about how the name will sound when you call your child: Is it nice to hear, or does it sound harsh? Does it go well with your last name? Some parents think longer first names work better with shorter last names, while others think the opposite. Do not give any whimsical name to your baby, which sounds completely out of sync from this generation.

Grandma’s Tip: Well, exclude me from the aforementioned list of ‘’grandmas and aunts,’’ because I’m a very modern granny! Your little one’s name should be trendy and not sound outdated. Most importantly, it should have a very valid meaning behind it. William Shakespeare said, ‘’What’s there in a name?’’ but put his name under that quote. This in itself proves that a name is very important, so keep something really meaningful for your kiddo.

Your relatives will like to clip in to show their influence. Handle them carefully. You also might want to avoid choosing a first name that rhymes with the last name. 


Your child’s name must be meaningful, so you should research the meanings of the names online to help you choose the perfect one for your baby. They should also denote a connection to you or something you have felt for a while. For example, if you have been trying for a baby since long and the wish was finally granted to you, and in case you get a daughter, you can name her ‘’Akansha’’ as it means ‘’Desire.’’ And since you desired for her, you got her as your little one. This way, the name not just holds a deep meaning but also envelops your sentiments in it. 


As a parent, you also want to find a unique name that will distinguish your child. But keep in mind that sometimes an extremely unusual name can bring your child a lot of unwanted attention. Think about possible mispronunciations to make sure your child won't be subjected to a lifetime of correcting how others pronounce his or her name. Short names go better with long last names and vice versa. A long name with a long surname will look and sound odd. 

Decide the name as a couple 

If your relatives or close ones are particularly opinionated, don’t go for their advice. Do not let anyone else decide which name would be the best for your baby. You and your partner should consider the important things and then decide the name. Make sure it is a name that you both love. Always keep in mind that the name will stick to the child throughout his or her life, so it is very important that you select the name wisely and thoughtfully. Try saying your child's name over and over to see if you get tired or bored of hearing it. 

Names that age well 

Before naming your child, imagine him or her in a professional situation, at a job interview, or giving a presentation to a client. A name that suits an adorable baby or small child – like Chintu, Munna, or Tiku – might seem weird when your child is an adult. So, make sure to choose a name that would go well with your kiddo even when he or she gets older.

Religious beliefs 

If you want a traditional, popular, or unique name, be thoughtful. Consider carefully if you want your child's name to stand out or be conventional and classy; stand the test of time, or be flashy and make a statement. In case you believe in astrology, take guidance from your astrologer on what ideally should be the initials of your child’s name for him or her to have a good life and prosper.

Most importantly, give it your best shot, so that on your child’s Naamkarann ceremony, everyone gets pleasantly surprised to hear the best name for your little one.

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