4 Tips To Help Your Kid Overcome The Fear Of Water

Fear of water is common among the kids. However, by following certain practices, you can easily help your child overcome the phobia of water.

1. Have a wading pool in your backyard: If your kid is scared to enter in large water bodies, such as big swimming pools or lakes, set up a wading swimming pool in your backyard. Fill it with water, and encourage your child and other kids in the neighborhood to enter in it and play.

4 Tips To Help Your Kid Overcome The Fear Of Water

2. Introduce water toys: Get entertaining, colorful water toys and place them in the water-filled wading pool for your child to play with them. Make it fun!

3. Reassure your kid of his safety: Tell your child repeatedly that he is safe in water and need not worry.

4. Provide water aids: Give your child water aids, such as water wings and life jackets that will ensure your kid his safety.




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