5 Signs That Prove You’re Too Demanding As A Parent

Every parent wishes for the betterment of their children. All parents want to see their children as individuals who are successful and know how to conduct themselves well. All their own forgotten aspirations come alive through their kids. But somehow, while nurturing their future parents tend to forget the fact that all kids are different individuals with different mindsets and aspirations.

The below signs show if you’re too demanding as a parent-

5 Signs That Prove You’re Too Demanding As A Parent

-Setting too many rules

Rules are mandatory in every child’s life. Children are not aware of the good and bad, so parents make them aware of it. But some go a little further to make his or her rules work. Do not try to control your child’s life by instructing him in everything he does, like how to dress or what to eat. Let him make his own choices where he can, you should only step in when he is confused and cannot take his own decision.

-Results are the only yardsticks

Be it studies or games, always pressurizing him to come first is absolutely unjustified. Let him learn the process, the result will follow. If he understands the concept well he will be able to create wonders with his ideas. Don’t put him in the rat-race, by doing this you are belittling his caliber.

-Threatening your ward

If you warn your child with dire consequences then it is not a positive way to discipline him. This shows your incompetence as a parent. On the contrary try to make him understand the pros and cons of his behavior. He will eventually understand what is expected out of him and will certainly follow that.

-Don’t make the little one face peer pressure

This is possibly one of the worst things parents do to their children. This not only shows insecurity and demanding nature but also makes the child insecure enough to crumble in pressure.

-Your child gets secluded

If you notice that suddenly your child has stopped coming to you for any kind of advice or suggestion that means he’s too scared to share his feelings or ideas with you. The fear of rejection makes him distant from you.

As a parent, you must guide your child about the good and the bad. It is also important to let the little one have his own journey of failures and successes. He should create his own benchmark and follow it.




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