9 Ways to Pamper Your Child the Right Way

Parents today, constantly strive to find a perfect balance between rewarding and pampering a child. Today it is chocolates, tomorrow it'll be a video game and so on. But how much is too much? There is a fine line between rewarding and over pampering your child. Here, are some ways by which your reward system prevents you from crossing that line while continuing to generate a much-needed intrinsic motivation.9 Ways to Pamper Your Child the Right Way

Don't shower her with false praises: This doesn't mean that you scold her and raise your voice all the time. Be calm and tell her what went wrong and how it can be resolved. Showering a child with false praises all the time will never motivate her to push her limits. 

Have some one-on-one time: Spend some alone time with your kid. Take out some time from your daily schedule; it doesn't matter if it is just 15 minutes of your day, but do it every day without fail. Spend more time on weekends. Build a good relationship with her so that she feels comfortable enough talking to you. 

Bribe her with a 'happy hour' instead of materialistic things: In that 'happy hour' do some fun activities with your child. It can even include playing with her. Fun activities will also increase your bonding with your child.

Let her choose: If you let her choose and not just impose what is suitable, she will not only be motivated but will also develop a sense of responsibility and freedom. No one likes to be controlled and the sooner you teach your child that, the better it is for her to survive in the real world.

Don't help her when she is okay on her own: If you think that your kid can finish or handle something on her own by just pushing herself from her comfort zone a little more, then don't unnecessarily help her. Let her be. She will be okay!

Teach her to be grateful for every reward that she earns: Teach her to say, 'Thank You' every time she gets a reward, even if you think that she deserves it. She should not take it for granted!

Don't give in to the limits you have set: Sometimes kids will whine for more, and every parent knows that it doesn't end with a little more. So it is best that you keep it off your parenting style and not give in to a 'little more'!

Listen to her intently: It is very important that you have a good conversation with your kid all the time, even if it means handling some plain stupidity. Don't get angry or behave as if she is stupid. Make sure that you listen and explain the reasons to her. Always act before you react. 

Choose experiences as rewards: As mentioned earlier, performing some cool activities with your kid or spending some time with her will help her learn that experiences are much important than materialistic things in life. So bribe her with experiences!

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