A Fine Writer On Its Way- But is Your Child Lefty or Righty?

A Fine Writer On Its Way- But is Your Child Lefty or Righty?
Fine Motor

By now, you have tried teaching your child on numerous occasions, but they still eat with the left hand. So, is your child a righty or a lefty? Well, most children show a preference for one hand or the other by the age of 3, but it is not till the age of 5 that they develop a clear preference. In fact, some children remain ambidextrous, using both hands till they are 6 years old. So, finding whether they prefer left or right hand can be a little difficult.

What you need to know

Hand preference is usually dependent on genetics. Therefore, if you have someone in the family who uses the left hand more often, chances are that your kid may develop the preference as well. You will know by the way they eat food, the hand they unconsciously bring forward to hold something and when they begin to write. So, don’t force your child to use a particular hand. And if you do notice that they use the left hand more often, buy them products that will help them develop fine motor skills using the left hand, like left hand scissors or lefty baseball club. Make sure that you give them a seat at the dining table where they don’t bump arms with the neighbor. But always respect their preference.