A Heavy Routine Is No More Essential To Calm Your Child Now

Your 2 year old is now able to play independently with his toys and is also a lot calmer. You of course need to supervise at all times but you will not have to get involved as much as earlier. Kids this age generally love to explore and experiment on their own. They like the feeling of independence and being able to play the way they want. Your child is also doing a lot of walking and jumping round. This makes him tired and it is easier to put him down to sleep as per schedule.A Heavy Routine Is No More Essential To Calm Your Child Now

What you need to know

Routine is important for every child.  Although now that your child is more independent, you might not need to make a minute by minute routine to keep your child occupied. The exploratory nature of most kids this age keeps them busy and by the end of the day they are so tired that they just fall on the bed and sleep. This is a good sign and way of development.

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