A Sneak Peak Into Your Second Grader's Rapidly Developing Cognitive Circuits

A Sneak Peak Into Your Second Grader's Rapidly Developing Cognitive Circuits

Your almost 8 year child’s mental skills are developing rapidly at this age. But, as a parent you will always be wondering if this is enough. Here is a sneak peak into her brainy world to find out what happens exactly.

Cognitive landmarks of your kid

1. Your child has mastered most speech sounds and is able to communicate fluently. She likes to hold conversations for long time. She understands the opposite terms like same- different, start-finish and word analogies like eat-drink, car-boat-plane etc very well. She now recognizes more sight words and has a better understanding of what she is reading.

2. How well your child has understood is demonstrated by her discussion, writing and dramatization. Reading is a pleasurable activity for her now. She tries to read on her own. Silent reading begins to play an important role in her life now onwards.

3. Her writing is also getting more developed and engaging. She writes many words, copies more complex shapes like a diamond all adding to her improved writing skills. Her artwork has more meaning and detail to it. For instance, a picture of a scenery may include mountains, a house, trees, birds etc.

4. As she reads, watches TV shows, observes closely her environment-peers, teachers, and family members, she uses different ways to express and communicate her thoughts and feelings. Her creations and expressions through painting, building LEGO, drawing, music and dance are becoming more skillful.

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