A Rope Walk- Fun With Exercise !

A Rope Walk- Fun With Exercise !
6 to 7 years child activity
Muscle Strength

An outing from your office with fun filled activities sure was a pleasurable feeling, isn't it? Here is one such an activity for your child, which you might have experienced, and would like to do it again for the kids. This activity also helps in developing gross motor skills.


1. Tie a thick rope from one end to another. Use two or three ropes if required.

2. Make sure the rope is not too high above the ground level as it is dangerous for children. If need be let it touch the ground.

3. Let the child walk on the rope without stepping on the ground and try to balance every step. Increase the height and you can try it as well to have some fun.

Children enjoy playing with adults and it helps them to learn to balance and strengthen their bones and large muscles of the legs and back. Fun with lot of exercise will help your child grow strong. Try now under supervision.