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An Activity Helps Your Kid to Understand Different Climates -Metereologist

An Activity Helps Your Kid to Understand Different Climates -Metereologist
7 to 8 years child activity

Seasons and their corresponding  climatic conditions has always interested a child. this activity shall help him compare and contrast the different climates and weather conditions.

1. Set up a weather wall ( white plane cardboard) in the toddlers room where a kid can create images or drawings of the climatic conditions instructed by you.

2. Encourage your child to make use of colorful crayons, watercolors and markers to draw pictures of the day’s weather.

3. Create a different box for seasons and give your kid guidelines to identify the features that describes the weather in aparticular season.

4. Ask them to draw on the blank space by using some crayons to describe  whether the day is cold, snowy, sunny or rainy.

This activity will not only help your kid to understand the different seasons of the year but will also enhance their drawing skills.