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Attractive Christmas Card!

Attractive Christmas Card!
4 to 5 years child activity
Gross motor
Christmas is around the corner and now everybody is getting ready for the celebration of this big day. Some people give away gifts on this day, while some give greeting cards to their relatives and friends. Kids love to greet their friends with cards, but what if they can make it by their own hands? This activity will help in developing your kiddo's gross motor skills. And will also boost his creativity and imaginary skills.
Requisites: Plain coloured black card, Patterned scrapbook paper, Japanese rice paper or gift wrap, Double-sided sticky sheets, A circle punch or a circle shape and scissors, String, A white ink pen, A single hole punch, A cutting mat or chopping board.
1) Cut a square of double-sided sticky sheet and place it on the back of the patterned paper.
2) Using the circle punch, punch a circle shape in the patterned paper with the patterned side facing up (this will ensure the paper doesn't tear as you punch through it). If you don’t have a circle punch, you can trace a circle shape using a bangle, or a glass and then cut it out with scissors.
3) Peel off the sticky back and stick onto the front of your card. Repeat with another circle.
4) Punch two small holes at the top of both ‘baubles’ using the single hole punch. Thread the string through the small holes and tie these into a bow. 
5) Finish by drawing a ‘string’ from the top of the card to the bauble.
This is very simple and interesting craft activity that will surely loved by your kiddo. Moreover this activity also triggers the thinking ability of your kiddo.