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Be A Pet Lover And Assume Your Pets Use Human Speech

Be A Pet Lover And Assume Your Pets Use Human Speech
3 to 4 years child activity
Learning Skills

Your kid now is very imaginative. He will play with anything you give him. Giving him imaginative thoughts is like food for his brains. This activty will boost your kiddo's creativty, language and imagination skills.

Requisites: Just you and your kid.


1. Talk about any animal like a dog and the way it would think if it was a human being.

2. Let him tell you what the dog would say if it could speak like him.

3. Teach him what a proverb is and talk in proverbs.

4. Make him assume that the dog is talking and applying proverbs to express it's feelings.

5. Use proverbs like –look before you leap, where there is will there is a way, all good things come to an end, action speaks louder than words.

6. Then ask your little one how a dog, cat, rabbit, bird etc. would translate them in their own words.

7. Each of them will come up with a different version of the proverb.

8. For instance the cat might say “Where there is a hole there is a rat”, ''All good fishes come to an end''.

9. Explain to him that for the same proverb every animal has a different version it.

Enjoy this activity with him often to make him widen his thought process. Read similar proverbs to him so that he is acquainted with different proverbs.