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Be A Story Teller Of Your Toy's Secret Life

Be A Story Teller Of Your Toy's Secret Life
2 to 3 years child activity
Cognitive Development

Your child has her own world now, where there are toys, arcade games, video games, board games, art-craft kit and others. Her world evolves round it 24*7. So let her imagine a world where all her games are active in their own world and have a life just like hers. This will enhance her imaginative skills.

Requisites: Just you and your kid.


1. You both decide to play a game where your toys are your neighbors.

2. Ask her to make a story on their secret lives which is unknown to you.

3. Tell her to create a story on her favorite toy.

4. Tell her to imagine their lives - her toy group is awake in the night when everybody is asleep, their talk is audible only to them, they cook food which can only be smelt and eaten by them.

5. Similar is the life of the arcade games, video games who talk to each other when the power is off. 

6. Art-craft kits also spend a gala time in hiding when you are not using them.

7. Your pack of cards also play 52 pick up game by themselves.

This activity is the best possible way to make your child realize the value of her toys. This will enhance her thinking and logical reasoning skills. She will also enhance her imagination and creativity skills through this activity.