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Block Painting With Vegetables And Fruits

Block Painting With Vegetables And Fruits
3 to 4 years child activity
3y to 4y
Your child's fully ready now to learn more extensively through art. Art is an important activity for your little one. Art activities develop your kid's brain capacity in creativity, especially during the early development. Here's an activity for your child to help him achieve more skills with art-
Requisites- Vegetable and Fruits (Okra/leafy veg/Carrot/Capsicum/Mushroom/Apple/Lemon/Strawberry/Oranges/Cherry etc.), Paints, Disposable plates, Chart paper/ drawing paper/ Clay pot/Diya.
1. Cut fruits and vegetables in half.
2. Take 3-4 different colors in a separate disposable plate. Make an even layer of color in the plate.
3. Dip the half cut fruits and vegetables into the colors.
4. Firmly and evenly press the fruits and vegetables on the chart paper/greeting card or on clay pot and Diya. Make colorful pattern using different color.
a. If you are printing on a clay pot or diya, first paint it in light shade for the base, when the base becomes dry, start making patterns on it.
b. For greeting card, fold the drawing paper in half, and make the pattern only on the front cover.
5. When greeting card’s cover has dried completely then you can write your wishes (messages) on the card.
Your little one will become more confident and it will develop his creative skills, imagination, and ideas about the painting experiment.