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Blurred Reading Task

Blurred Reading Task
3 to 4 years child activity
3y to 4y

When your child is about to reach 2 years of age it is important that you must start focusing on his reading habits. There are a number of tasks which can be performed at home to help the kid grow in terms of reading. Here's one.

Requisites: A sheet of water, pencil and eraser. 


 1. You need to write words on the sheet of paper. Make sure you write down at least 5-6 words. 

 2. Maintain proper spacing between each alphabet. 

 3. Now the next step is to blur few alphabets in every word using the eraser. For example- if you write ‘SAND’, you can blur ‘A’. 

 4. Ask the kid to recognize the word despite the blurred alphabet. 

This is an interesting task that would test your kid’s mind. You can perform similar tasks on a regular basis to help the kid practice.