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Box Car Activity

Box Car Activity
2 to 3 years child activity
Eye-Hand movement

You can offer normal household items to your child so that he can learn to utilise them as a toy. Such activities would help him enhance his thinking abilities. 

Requisites: A cardboard, crayon colours and shinning paper.


1. Ask your kid to use the cardboard as a car.

2. You can help your kid decorate this car with attractive colours.

3. You can add a steering wheel and shining paper as lights.

4. Now ask your child to add his favourite toys to his vehicle and ride his way in the house. You can create your own cardboard car and ride it with your kid.

A variety of items can be created using different household items. A box can be converted into different figures which can help your child learn. Be there to observe your kid’s actions and motivate him at every step.