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Break Those Egg Shells!

Break Those Egg Shells!
2 to 3 years child activity

Your little kid is fond of new activities and often ends up in breaking her toys. Break the egg shell is one activity that would double her entertainment and also make her learn stuff, boosting her cognitive skills. All you require to do is boil few eggs and make sure that they are at a safer temperature for your baby's safety. 


 1. Boil a few number of egss and wash them to cool them down.

 2. Now pass one of the boiled eggs to your baby and allow her to analyse the shape. 

 3. Show her the interesting activity in breaking the shell and guide her in the process.

 4. Give her surprises in her achievements and enjoy eating boiled eggs together.

 The activity is one of the healthy ways to make your child learn and keep entertained. At the same time it helps to be the best platform to transfer all the nutrients rich in boiled eggs.