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Bubble Doughnut

Bubble Doughnut
3 to 4 years child activity
3y to 4y
Cognitive Development

This is a good activity to teach your kid about surface tension in science. Your child will be amazed to see the magic of how a hole is created in the middle of the bubble.

Requisites: Piece of wire (Large paper clip or thin wire coat hanger), piece of thread shorter than wire


1. Take the wire and shape it into a circle of about 2 inches in diameter.

2. Blow bubbles by dipping the wire loop into the bubble solution.

3. Next, take the thread and after dipping it in the bubble solution, roll the ends together between your fingers and make a loop.

4. Again dip the wire loop into the bubble solution but don’t blow bubbles. Place the thread loop inside the film formed in the wire loop.

5. Break the film formed inside the thread loop. This will give you a doughnut shaped film between thread and wire loop. Side to side tilt the wire loop and let him see the doughnut change shape.

With this activity your kid will understand some basic facts of science and also it will help him develop interest in it.