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Bucket The Ball

Bucket The Ball
6 to 7 years child activity
Group Participation
Gross motor

You might have seen the popular game of catching the eggs moving a bucket without letting it fall and break. This activity is based on the similar concept and it will help your child to develop his gross motor skills and multi tasking is esential for the wholesome development of a child.


1.Give a small sized bucket to your child, which should not be heavy to hold.                      

2.Throw balls in all directions.                                                                                       

3.Let your child try to catch the ball.                                                                                               

4. Use different colored balls to get his attention.  

5. You could take turns in holding the bucket.                                       

The activity is more fun when you throw balls randomly. Your child will definitely enjoy the game. It helps in strengthening the movement of large muscles in the body. The activity is suitable for groups too.