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Build Writing Muscles: Help Your Child Write With This Simple Activity

Build Writing Muscles: Help Your Child Write With This Simple Activity
5 to 6 years child activity
Muscle Strength

Holding a pencil is a sensational, fascinating moment for children. They are proud of their achievement, of their ability to draw lines, circles or simply scribbling. Now your child is a 5 or 6 year old, writing can be a mammoth task. He might have trouble keeping the pencil still or experience difficulty in writing on his own. Of course, when parents notice this, the first thing they want to do is help the child learn by practicing more and more letters. But that’s not the only thing you should do.

Children have problems writing something because their muscles are weak and their fine motor skills are underdeveloped. But you can strengthen those muscles with this water relay hand exercise.

Requisites: 2 medium sized plastic containers, 2 sponges and a pitcher of water


1. Take one plastic container and sponge.

2. Show your child how the sponge is to be immersed in the pitcher of water and then tell him to run to the other container and squeeze all water out. Explain that he has to do it till the other container is full.

This simple act of immersing sponge and squeezing it will help strengthen his muscles.