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Build Your Own Vocabulary - Let's Speak in English

Build Your Own Vocabulary - Let's Speak in English
6 to 7 years child activity
Working memory

English is the lingua france. One can communicate in the best way if he or she knows the universal language-English. You needn't wait for your child to join school to learn English.Parents are always the first teachers.

1.Make a list of words you think are essential for your child. write them down on a chart.Do not make it monotonous by following a lecture method.

2.Play it as a word game.Give them the chart and ask them to draw all that they know.  After they have finished scribbling on the chart, relate them to the new words that you have listed. Draw and show them the words and explain them in details.

3.Turn it into a compettion between you and your child.They will learn new words as a part of the game. You may reward them with gifts if they satisfactorily finish the task.   

Make use of all the old calendars in your home and turn them into interesting charts.