Cardboard Tubes Rolling

Cardboard Tubes Rolling
2 to 3 years child activity
Eye-Hand movement

A variety of interesting games can be created using normal household items. You need to make your kid learn such amazing tasks. Make sure your child is focused during the demo.

Requisites: Several cardboard rolls, play dough and an open area.


1. Form a small ball using the play dough.

2. Arrange the cardboard rolls such that they form a tunnel by connecting them one after the other.

3. You can use more rolls to make a criss-cross tunnel so that the activity can become more interesting.

4. Ask your child to drop the ball from the main opening.

The dough ball would travel through these cardboard rolls and reach its end destination. This is a fun activity which can be modified in whichever way you want. Ask your child to create his own rolling ball setup.