Check Out The Egg In The Bottle

Check Out The Egg In The Bottle
6 to 7 years child activity
Cognitive Development

This very a simple science experiment that will definitely amaze your kiddo, 'Why is the egg in the neck of the bottle?' This will make him understand that there is science present in our daily lives. It will also help in developing his motor and cognitive skills. 

Requisites: A boiled egg, a glass bottle with a wide neck (so that the egg can easily sit into it), boiled water.


1. Fill the bottle with boiling water so that 1/3rd of the bottle is left empty.

2. Place a hard boiled egg on the neck of the bottle so that it can easily sit on it.

3. Wait for a few minutes and watch closely.

4. You will see that the egg slowly shifts into the bottle. The egg that was sitting on the neck of the bottle eventually goes into it.

This happens because the hot air of the water in the bottle expands and forces its way out of the bottle by making the egg to shift from the neck to inside the bottle. As soon as cool air gets inside the bottle, it contracts and takes up less room. This creates lesser pressure inside the bottle and greater pressure outside the bottle that forces the egg into the bottle.