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Colourful Egg Carton Flowers

Colourful Egg Carton Flowers

This is a perfect way to teach your child the importance of re-use and recycle things. It is a fun and innovative activity that keeps your child engaged and excited. It does not require a lot of technique and is very easy to make. This activity can be done in a very short period of time. So, have fun making this incredibly easy piece of craft!

Requisites: Egg carton -1, a pair of safety scissors, acrylic paint- red, yellow, pink, orange, purple, paintbrushes- one for each colour of paint, waste paper - to clean up the mess, feviquick or any strong glue (to be used by the parent), bendy straws- as many flowers you are making (for the stem), craft needle or a push pin, pom poms- few different colors, a vase


1. Using a pair of safety scissors, cut out each of the egg holders from the egg carton. Trim the edges so that you are only left with the bottom part of the carton, being the hollow egg holder. These should be smoothed over all around to make them seem like cups.

2. Select one colour from the set of acrylic paint and ask your child to paint the entire egg holder, both inside and out. Set aside for the egg holder to dry completely. 

3. After the cup holder is completely dry, use a craft needle or a push pin to punch a hole at the centre of the painted egg holder. This step should be performed by you as it can be dangerous.

4. Push a straw through the punched hole and secure the straw using strong glue. Hold the straw after having glued it to secure it, for a few seconds.

5. Now, stick a coloured pom-pom at the centre of the egg holder using glue. Again, secure it by placing your hand on it for a few seconds.

6. Continue the above steps for the rest of the egg holders to create more flowers to form a beautiful bouquet. Now, your beautiful set of flowers are ready to be planted in a vase!

This activity helps your child improve his sense of colours and imparts creativity to your child. Have fun while making these colourful flowers.