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Community Helper Bingo!

Community Helper Bingo!
3 to 4 years child activity
Group Participation
Problem solving

At this age your kid is quite familiar with the society and community. He is able to recognize some community people. Here is one interesting activity for your loved one, it will help him to enhance his society knowledge. This activity can be played with parents and a kids group. You can select any numbers of community helpers sets in this game. For example –doctor, fire man, trash collector, waiter-chef, farmer, traffic police, teacher, postman, police officer, fisherman etc. Kids easily remember picture information so this activity is based on pictures and cards.

Requisites: Cardboards, Glue stick, Community helpers colored prints, Scissors

Preparation for the activity: 

-Collect all type of pictures. For example: Doctor- Print 4 colored picture which is related to a doctor: hospital, nurse, patient, injection & medicine, ambulance, doctor. Cut all pictures and paste it on cardboards. Carry out the same for other pictures as well!

Fire man- burning house, fire truck, water pipe, rescue picture

Trash collector- dustbin, trash collecting truck, broom stick, picture of person cleaning streets.

Farmer- lush green field, grains and harvesting time picture, agricultural equipments, farmer.


1. Give some briefing about our community helpers. Tell your kiddo that you have misplaced all pictures by mistake, you need help in it. You have to manage all pictures in the same sequence. Here are 10 sets and you have to synchronize it in same way. 

2. You can demonstrate one community set. When all pictures are put into a set in sequence then say bingo loudly.

3. When your kiddo puts all the pictures together you can cheer for him and say 'Bingo' loudly.

4. Tell him about that community helper and their work. Same way play this activity till all sets match. 

5. Create a different ambiance with some music and keep encouraging your little champ.

This kind of activity boosts up his knowledge, problem solving skills and strengthen his recalling power. It is a complete brain exercise, indoor activity which can be played in group as well.