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Counting Is Fun

Counting Is Fun
2 to 3 years child activity
2y to 3y
Fine Motor

This activity fun and will engage your 2 year old to learn early forms of grouping and see parts of a whole and that numbers are made up of other numbers.

Requisites: Dice, small round tokens or buttons, and subitising pictures with rounds circles to fill it with the tokens. 


1. Arrange all tokens and buttons on the work table. You can also explain about sorting and grouping different items.

2. Keep the subitising picture on the work table. 

3. Your child rolls the dice. If the number is 2, your child places 2 tokens on the circles in the picture. In this way, he associates number pattern on dice with clusters of circles on the paper.  

4. Once the entire picture is filled with required number of tokens, ask your child to count all. 

Another challenge to the same activity is to expose your child to the concept of addition (if he is ready). For instance, first you rolled the number 2 and then the number 3, how many tokens do we have now?