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Counting Octopus

Counting Octopus
3 to 4 years child activity
3y to 4y
Cognitive Development

As your kid reaches this stage, she will now start remembering the numbers and their formation as well. Your child will now learn to count and start doing it in right order as well. This activity includes formation of an octopus with 8 streamers as its legs with numbers at the bottom.

Requisites: A large round paper plate, sticky tape, 8 colorful streamers, 8 white paper squares, sketch pens.


1. For this activity, first take a big round paper plate and then color it from inside.

2. Use black to draw the eyes of octopus and a smiling face as well.

3. Now, stick those 8 streamers at the bottom of the plate with the help of sticky tape.

4. At the bottom of these streamers, hang the numbers in the order of counting or in multiples of 10.

This activity will teach your child to recognize and be familiar with the numbers. Your child will be able to recognize the numbers and also remember the correct order of the numbers as well. She can also reorder the numbers even if you give it in a jumbled order.