Create Sea-Creature With Sand

Create Sea-Creature With Sand
2 to 3 years child activity
At this age, your little one's brain develops rapidly and is also highly active. Different types of activities gives your little one various dimensions in development. So here is one nice indoor activity for your little champ which will enhance his creativity and imagination.
Requisites: Different colors sand, Quick drying glue, Old Cereal box cardboard, Pencil, Paint brush, Water, Disposable bowl, Scissors.
1. Draw sea creatures like fish, star fish, octopus, sea horse, jelly fish, etc. on a cardboard sheet. Cut them out and give out the necessary information regarding these sea-creatures to your little one.
2. Cover up your floor area with old news paper. Place all the cut pieces over there.
3. Now mix a few drops of water with glue to make it thinner so that it spreads out easily.  Allow your little one to brush some glue over the pieces. You can demonstrate once.
4. Now give them different colored sand and ask them to sprinkle it over the sea-creatures. 
5. Try to color all the pieces in different color. Allow it dry for some time.
6. Once it dries completely, tab your sea-creatures gently and collect them. 
7. You can make greeting cards with these creatures or decorate your own art gallery.
This activity polishes your little champ's brain in various ways. It will improve their creative thinking and aesthetic development.