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Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Your Own Glittery Christmas Sock!

Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Your Own Glittery Christmas Sock!

Do you want to get into the true spirit of Christmas? You can always buy your decorations and Christmas tree ornaments from a store. But the true spirit lies in making your ornaments and decorations to customize your tree to the fullest. Stars and bells are some of the most common ornaments. Get your child to make her own Christmas sock for Santa to put in small gifts for her! This is super creative and fun to make. You can hang this pretty much anywhere in your house, not just your tree. 

Requisites: Red cardboard paper, white yarn, 2-3 colour glitters of your child’s choice, a few different colour papers, art glue, punching machine, stickers, confetti, a pair of safety scissors


1. Lay the red coloured cardboard on a flat surface. Fold the sheet in half. Draw the outline of a sock. Make sure it is big enough for a small toy to fit inside it. Cut along the outline drawn, ensuring that both the sides are cut precisely.

2. Now that you have a basic sock shape, punch holes all along the outer edge of the sock, keeping the holes one inch apart from each other.

3. Take a long piece of white yarn and string it all through the punched holes. After stringing through all the holes, tie a knot to secure it.

4. Cut a bunch of circles, stars, etc., from the different coloured papers. You can also use different punching machines that punch shapes for this step. Use these to decorate your sock.

5. Let your child get creative and use stickers and confetti to further beautify your sock.

6. You can also use glitter to add a splash of sparkle. Ask your child to do it the way she wants, which will also allow her to be as creative as possible.

7. Use another piece of string to make a hanger for the sock so that it can be hung on the Christmas tree as an ornament or just about anywhere!

This activity will not only unleash your child’s creativity but will also help her use tools like scissors, making her muscle co-ordination stronger.