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Detecting 3D cones was never so easy

Detecting 3D cones was never so easy
5 to 6 years child activity
Shape recognition

It is difficult to teach your child to identify 3D shapes- cone, cylinder  or any other shape. Following is a simple but challenging activity that will help your child to draw cones.


1.You will need a paper and colourful pencils for this activity.

2. Show them a picture of a cone and ask them to observe it.

3. Ask them to draw it on the paper. They will take time but will try their best to draw the resemblance of the picture of the cone. You can then ask them to colour the shape drawn with colour pencils.

4.Do appreciate them for their drawing.Show them pictures of different places where the cone shape is used. You will see them guessing the correct shapes.

Thus, they will learn to identify and draw this difficult shape.