DIY Pom Pom

DIY Pom Pom
3 to 4 years child activity
Eye-Hand movement
Fine motor

Now is the time your kid gets extremely excited about colors and shapes as you already know it. There are so many things that can be introduced to your child that enables further learning about shapes and colors. You would probably wonder what is so special about an ordinary pom pom. A pom pom is a thing that can be made as colorful as possible. It is a small yet beautiful craft piece which can be used to decorate gifts, make a pom pom earrings and more.

Requisites: 2 Cardboard tubes of 9 cm each (From used toilet roll, Aluminum foils, etc.), Glue, Wool of different colors, Scissors


1. Take both the cardboard tubes, place them next to each other. Apply glue in between and stick them together.

2. Take the wool, hold one end of the wool with your fingers and start winding around the cardboard tubes horizontally.

3. Keep winding till the wool covers the upper surface of the tubes completely.

4. If you run out of wool while winding, you can tie another string of wool and continue where you have left it.

5. Once the winding is done, take the end string, tie it in the center in a way that it looks like a bow. Tighten the string in the center and tie a knot.

6. Take out the wool out from the cardboard tubes which now looks like a bow.

7. Take a pair of scissors and snip the ends of the bow.

8. Spread all the wool and make it look like a ball.

9. Trim the ends till it is uniform from all the sides. Your pompom is ready.

This activity is a stress buster and helps strengthen hand eye coordination. Cut the boredom out with this wonderful craft activity.