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Don't Limit Your Child To Any Color!

Don't Limit Your Child To Any Color!
7 to 8 years child activity
Eye-Hand movement

Do you know that colors are connected with logical thinking? Yes, don’t be surprised they are connected from scratch till end. Let your child develop a fondness to colours and play with his imagination with various colors in hand. Do not limit your child to any color. This is how you can do it.

Requisites: Some coloured charts and colored sketch pens.


1. Write the name of the colour on the same coloured chart paper using a different colour sketch pen. Example: If you have a green chart paper and a black sketch pen, write green on the chart paper. 

2. Continue the same exercise for other colours as well

3. Ask your kid to read out the words correctly. 

4. You have to try first and then give it to your kid.

Do you think it is a funny and easy activity? It is definitely not! 

By doing this your kid’s logical thinking will be improved. So, what are you waiting for?