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Dot Painting Name

Dot Painting Name
2 to 3 years child activity
2y to 3y
Fine Motor
Letter Recognition

A simple and fun way to introduce your child to recognize her name and letters through this 'Dot Painting Name' activity. This activity will give her an opportunity to explore colors and alphabets.  

Requisties: Cotton buds, paint, paint tray, sheet of paper and a pencil.


1. Write your child's name in large letters onto a sheet of paper.

2. For each letter in her name, use a different color. 

3. Dip the tip of the cotton bud in say red colour and mark dots along the letter. (In the same pattern as the letter is written with pencil.) 

4. Another variation in the activity, can be to make lines along the letters instead of dots.

5. Talk about each letter in your child's name and what sound it makes. You can also talk about other words that begin with that sound. For instance if the name is Ben, B makes the sound 'Ba' and B for bat, ball, balloon etc.

Through this activity your child becomes familiar with alphabet letters in her name, the pattern in which the letters are written (pre writing skills) and also adds to her language development.