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Engaging With Cartoons !

Engaging With Cartoons !
7 to 8 years child activity
Working memory

Cartoons are a great way to challenge thinking about an issue. The simple drawings with or without captions are packed with meaning and stir many responses. Cartoons capture new ideas through humor, satire and caricature, bringing together disparate ideas or symbols. Cartoons are often specific to a particular time and culture and can be misunderstood and cause offence outside that context.

How it is Helpful?

Stimulate interest and involve a child across a range of literacy levels. Challenge thinking on controversial topics. Analyze historical or current issues. Gauge understanding and attitudes Develop visual literacy.


1) Cut up the pictures and ask child to re-order the story. Make this more difficult and linguistically challenging by giving separate frames to each child in a group and asking child not to show the pictures until they have arrived at an order through describing them.

2) Remove the last picture of a cartoon and ask child to think of, or draw, an ending. Discuss the results.

3) Remove the captions and ask the child to match them to each cartoon or write the sentences that tell the story.