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Explore Playgrounds With Your Child to Promote Fitness

Explore Playgrounds With Your Child to Promote Fitness
2 to 3 years child activity
Muscle Strength

Your baby has now grown into an explorer as she has learnt to walk and interact. This is the perfect time to add some playful activities to her routine. Which place would help in this task? Any guesses? The answer is a PLAYGROUND!

You as a mother should make your child visit any playground that contains different swings and rides.


1. Demonstrate how to ride a swing. Make sure the child focuses on you.

2. Place the child on the swing and push her gently.

3. Demonstrate how to use your legs and hands to propel a swing.

The playground is a lively area where you can also play games like ‘Chase Me’ and let your child run behind you. This would help to keep the child fit and active. These activities are very useful for the child to learn about body balancing and develop strong bones.