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Fairy Playdough Activity For Your Cutie Pie

Fairy Playdough Activity For Your Cutie Pie
4 to 5 years child activity
Fine Motor
Eye-Hand movement
Playdough in itself can provide hours of fun. It can bring out the creativity in your kid. Here is an easy activity with playdough and additional craft supplies for some interesting activity for your little one, which is a great way of enhancing her fine motor skills as well as creativity.
Requisites: Child safe playdough of any color (you could go for an easy homemade playdough), Random craft supplies like pom poms, sequins, buttons, beads, glitter (let your imagination run wild), A tiny door, fairies, unicorns and other small figurines of your choice, A work space for your kid to create her masterpiece
1. Gather all the materials and let your child’s imagination flow.
2. There is no right or wrong way to play with these materials
3. Let them build a castle and make something interesting with the playdough
4. Ask them to finish their piece by adding decorations of their choice.
5. The tiny door can become the castle door.
6. The residents of the castle could be fairies, unicorns and the other figurines you had gathered.
This is a great activity to enhance the creative side in your kid. Squishing, punching and forming shapes from the playdough are excellent for fine motor skills development. Arranging tiny beads and sequins are great sensory activities. You could take this activity to the next step by adding some creative story telling with the formed castle and figurines.