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Fastest To Touch

Fastest To Touch
5 to 6 years child activity
Group Participation

Ever tried to hold a child who just wants to run? It's difficult because young kids love to run and play. Here is one such fun filled game that also helps to develop their gross motor skills.                                                              


1. It's a game to be played with more number of children.

2. Let all the children run in a circle.

3.The announcer says either steel or iron.

4. Children should try to touch or hold accordingly to what the announcer calls out.

5.The announcer should try to catch any one before he or she touches the item that was announced.

The things to touch can be changed depending on the environment where the game is played. Isn't this a fun game on a day out with parents and children together.The parents can sit and relax while the children have fun. This game helps in strengthening their large muscles, makes their bones stronger which improves the gross motor skills.