Feel Your Alphabets With Letter Tracing Art & Writing

Feel Your Alphabets With Letter Tracing Art & Writing
2 to 3 years child activity
Letter Recognition

At this age, your kid loves to play with colours, wants to feel and touch everything. Your little one is full of energy. A child learns a lot while playing. Therefore, it is important for a parent to include educational activities every day. Here is an interesting alphabetical game for your new learner. Letter tracing art writing - this activity polishes your little one's cognitive skill and develops hand eye coordination. This also enhances memory and vocabulary.

Requisites: One full size chart paper or drawing paper ( light shade), Colours - 5 to 8 different shades, Cotton buds/brush (Your child can use finger too for tracing), Pencil -1, Tape to fix chart paper on wall or floor, Plastic bowl -1, One colour plate.


1. Take chart paper and draw alphabets A to Z in little big size, so your little one easily traces it and is able to understand curves and lines, horizontal and vertical.

2. Try to write all alphabets in particular shape like in heart or oval or curvy, smiley face, star, house, cloud shape. You can draw light colour lines on paper according to your desire shape, write letters over the shape.

3. Now place the chart paper or drawing paper at one place with help of tape, so it stays put. If you have a clip board, you can make use of it.

4. Now you can put different colours on a palette and mix few drops of water so it can easily flow on paper, give colours to your little one and ask him to try and trace that letters slowly so he can feel curves and lines properly. You can demonstrate one letter so your kiddo will easily understand how to do it.

Encourage him to finish the activity. After every letter, show any common picture related to that letter. This helps you little one memorise that letter with related picture.