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Find Me: Guess The Word

Find Me: Guess The Word
6 to 7 years child activity
6y to 7y

Your child is learning new words at school while interacting with his peers, friends and teachers.You could further assist him at home through story telling or helping him communicate with family members.
To facilitate this learning, help your child to connect the new words to his colloquial world.

1. Get hold of your child's vocabulary list( for the list you can check with his English teacher).You need 2 players for this activity.

2. You will be playing a guessing game together. Give her 3 clues describing the word you chose from the list.

3. Initially, let her see the list to  find the word as you give the clues. Once she is more comfortable, let her guess the word without looking at the list. For example, the word "weight."

First clue can be "We use the scale to measure this word."

Second clue can be "Kilogram is the measurement unit of this word."

Third clue can be "Pound is another measurement unit."

4. If your child is not able to guess, provide additional clues.

In this way, you are building strong foundations of language development for the years to come. Both word and meaning of the word are learnt in this process.It's more productive than memorising word meanings. You could start playing the game today itself.