Fine Motor Work Station

Fine Motor Work Station
3 to 4 years child activity
Fine Motor
Eye-Hand movement

Make your kid super-creative with this amazing concept of fine-motor development along with an acute sense of co-ordination. 

Requisites: Colored card, marker pen, assorted buttons (you can use gemstones, string, shells or pebbles) and glue. 


1. Ask your child to create any of his favorite characters, or his most loved creation that he likes. It can be words, letters, numbers, shapes etc. 

2. Ask him to put the assorted button on it balancing the shape and size with the picture and it’s pattern. 

3. Give a new dimension to the creation, by choosing the right shape and color as it will do justice to the creation.

4. Put this in a lovely wooden frame and hang this in your drawing room with your kid's name engraved on it along with his age and the year. 

This activity is a fresh approach to make your child develop his fine motor skills, with a certain sense of creativity and imagination.