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Fish an Act

Fish an Act
2 to 3 years child activity
Eye-Hand movement

At this age your child is very fond of new tasks which are different. You can play an acting game with your kid in which she needs to select a random option.

Requisites: Few paper sheets, double-sided tape, a stick, bowl and a pen.


1. Take small sheets of paper and write down an act on it. For example- you can mentions roles such as old man, soldier, postman etc.

2. Take the double-sided tape and stick its one end at the tip of the stick.

3. Now ask your child to close her eyes and hold the stick and choose any one of the sheet from the bowl. The sheet that gets fixed on the stick has to be read so that your kid can act it out.

4. Be there to support her so that she can act confidently. Such tasks are important to make your child grow smart and confident.