Floating Boats

Floating Boats
4 to 5 years child activity

At this age, your child is open to learning and creativity. You can create a variety of craft items at home which your child can learn. Make sure your child is in a good mood to learn.

Requisites: Toothpicks, paper glasses, colors, bottle caps and glue.


1. Take a paper glass and paint it with your favorite colors.

2. Place several bottle caps on one of the curved areas to create the image of a ship deck.

3. Take a toothpick and paste a paper flag on it. Poke this toothpick through the same curved surface with bottle caps.

4. The floating boat is ready. You can drop it in your bathtub or in any small stream. Your child would love to make such boats.

You can make several boats and drop them in your garden pool. Let your child practice this activity on his own.