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Fun with Domino

Fun with Domino
2 to 3 years child activity
Critical thinking

Focus and patience are of utmost importance to a child. How about teaching your child how to form Domino structures? This is an interesting way to improve your little one's skills. Make sure the kid is ready to learn this task.


1.You would require an empty floor or a large table.

2. Make the child sit and observe your actions.

3. Form a linear structure using domino pieces.

4. Show the kid how to maintain a certain gap between the pieces so that they can fall one-by-one when the first one is pushed.

Ask the child to create his own structure which can be dismantled with a small push. This is a good game to test patience. Cool mindedness would help the little one grow into a capable person in future. Support the kid when he is making his own formation. You can also assist him when he loses his cool.