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Go On A Nature Expedition

Go On A Nature Expedition
7 to 8 years child activity

Nature activities are a great way to help your child experience the natural world. Here's how to explore beyond your backyard with your child. This activity will enhance his observational skills.  


1. Plan a nature walk in an area near your home, look at maps of your local area and you’ll find a park, etc. that you probably haven’t been to before. 

2. Try to be realistic about how much walking he needs to do, he will be happy to do so. The point of a nature walk is to get a close up to nature, if your kid is not in the mood to go for a walk, do not force him! 

3. Once you’re on your walk, you can let your kid: • Collect flowers, stones or shells • Look at the birds flying in the sky • Play hide and seek in the park • Collect shells and decorate it by painting them • Make pictures on the ground in the soil by using round wattle flowers.

Your kiddo will love exploring and observing the nature through this activity.