Handprint Butterfly!

All kids love the natural beauty of butterflies. With this fun art activity your little one will make a print of a butterfly using his hand as a tool—a great way to stimulate his sense of touch. This activity also provides a means for him to understand the basic art processes involved in printmaking, delve into the wonders of symmetry, and even learn about the buggy science behind these magnificent winged creatures.Handprint Butterfly!

Requisites: Water colour (let your kiddo choose), Colour brush, Construction paper (in a light colour)


1) Ask your child to choose a colour for his butterfly. This can either be imaginative or a realistic hue. Fold the construction paper into half.

2) Help him to paint one hand in its entirety. Ask him to place his painted hand onto the paper with his fingers spread open. Make sure his thumb is in the middle on the crease.

3) He can remove his hand, and then quickly fold the paper in half (like a book), press firmly. Open the paper to reveal a symmetrical butterfly shape.

Add an antenna, eyes, and patterns to the butterfly using his paint-dipped fingers. Set aside to dry.

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