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Have Fun With This Counting And Sorting Activity Using Bottle Lids

Have Fun With This Counting And Sorting Activity Using Bottle Lids
4 to 5 years child activity
Shape recognition
Sequence recognition

You and your child can have fun playing counting and sorting games where the props are created using every day and recycled materials. This will be a great way of boosting your child's cognitive skills as well as his understanding of shapes.

Requisites: Bottle Lids of different colours and sizes, Shoe box lid, Marker pens, Numeral Stickers


1. Select bottle lids of different colors and sizes.

2. Take a shoe box lid and some colored marker pens.

3. Draw circles using the bottle lids and color the shapes with matching colors. Stick numeral stickers on the bottle lids and also the circles.

4. Let your child have fun matching the bottle lids with the circles she has drawn matching the colors and numerals.

The game can be customized to a variety of other games too. You can call out a number and let her locate the number and arrange it as per its size. These games will help your child recognize shapes; recognise numerals, matching by colour, shape, numeral, ordering by size, and order by numerical value. She will also learn how to use recycled materials